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Azerbaijan to file lawsuit against ‘France 2’ TV channel

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Image 0Azerbaijan intends to file a lawsuit against the French television channel 'France 2' due to a program titled 'Cash Investigation', aired Sept. 7, which aimed at slandering the country, the Agence France-Presse quoted the Azerbaijani side's lawyer Olivier Prado as saying Sept. 10.

Throughout the program, the 'France 2' journalists Élise Lucet and Laurent Richard expressed baseless stance, not based on facts, against Azerbaijan, said the lawyer.

On Tuesday, Sept. 7, the 'France 2' as part of its weekly investigative program 'Cash Investigation' aired a story on Azerbaijan.

The entire program showed a biased stance against the country. Olivier Prado said Azerbaijan is no longer going to tolerate this situation, and will sue those who slander the country.


September 10 2015, 16:41

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