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​Kazakhstan suggests UK introducing visa-free entry for its diplomats

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Image 0Secretary of State of the Republic of Kazakhstan Gulshara Abdykalikova has suggested the UK introducing a visa-free travel regime for Kazakhstani diplomats.

Ms Abdykalikova suggested Carolyn Browne, the Ambassador of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to Kazakhstan, looking into the possibility of introducing a visa free entry for Kazakhstani diplomatic corps.

"As you may know, last year Kazakhstan introduced the visa-free regime for 10 countries, including the UK, and extended it for another year. We would like Great Britain to sign an agreement on visa-free entry for our diplomats," Gulshara Abdykalikova said at the meeting with Ambassador Browne in the Akorda presidential residence on Monday.

Besides, the Kazakh Secretary of State praised the dynamic development of bilateral relations and added that Kazakhstan looks forward to the visit of the UK Minister for Trade and Investment in September.


September 7 2015, 14:39

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