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UN peacekeepers accused of underage rape in CAR

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Image 0The United Nations peacekeeping mission in Central African Republic (CAR) has been rocked by fresh allegations of rape by peacekeepers. One of the victims was reportedly underage.

Reuters citing UN sources said three females were raped by peacekeepers from Democratic Republic of the Congo.

A spokesperson for the UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon spoke to reporters about the claims.

“These new allegations concern a report that three young females were raped by three members of aMINUSCA military contingent," said
Vannina Maestracci. “The Troop Contributing Country has been asked to indicate within ten days if it intends to investigate the allegations itself. Should the member state decline to investigate or fail to respond, the UN will rapidly conduct its own investigation."

Last week the CAR's head of mission was removed from his position after a series of allegations of sexual abuse and excessive use of force by peacekeepers.


August 20 2015, 12:34

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