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Kazakhstan History to be represented in a computer game

August 14 2015, 12:19

Image 0The main actors of the game will be such characters as Korkyt ata and numerous Kazakh batyrs. Antihero is Zhalmauyz kempir.

Soon, gamers will be able to assess the development of local specialists – the Internet strategy "Tengrion". The date of its release to the network is scheduled for 2016, reports citing

As the authors note today it is the largest project in the field of gaming applications in Kazakhstan. The game is based on historical and mythological universe. Its main characters are Korkyt ata and numerous Kazakh batyrs. Antihero is Zhalmauyz kempir.

We also learned that the Ministry of Education and Science in cooperation with the World Bank allocated 72 million tenge for development of the game. The authors say, if the computer version of the online strategy will be popular, it is also possible to develop a mobile version of it.

"Our goal is to create a powerful gaming application, through which the whole world will know about our national culture ", - said the author of the project Adilbek Bisenbaev.


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