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​Skeleton of an ancient female warrior discovered in Kazakhstan

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Image 0The remains of an ancient female warrior have been discovered in South Kazakhstan.

The perfectly preserved skeleton, believed to be a woman based on the skull's size and shape, was found with a huge sword and dagger.

Archaeologists believe the woman lived in the period between the 11th century BC and fourth century AD. Previously, no records have ever been found of woman warriors in the area.

Experts believe she was a citizen of importance living in the ancient Kanguy state. She is thought to have led a group of nomads who lived somewhere in the area of modern Kazakhstan.

Researchers also found some ancient arrows, a small knife placed close to the right hand of the female warrior and a sword placed close to her left hand indicating that the person was a renowned warrior.

Also buried with her were a number of pots and bowls, indicating that the person was probably both wealthy and important.

The find follows 23 years of research in the area, scientists said.

The items will be soon be exhibited in the National Museum of Kazakhstan.


August 12 2015, 10:00

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