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Young scientist Damel Mektepbayeva won NASA competition offering a unique invention - test-ring

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Image 0The Kazakhstan biotechnologist Damel Mektepbayeva won NASA competition offering her unique project, reports.

Together with the scientists from Poland, Mexico and Peru she invented a test ring for express diagnosis of venereal diseases. Now Damel Mektepbayeva is testing her invention in the USA.

"You put a ring onto a finger, that has a microneedle for taking a blood sample. Then the sample of blood is transmitted to a microchip where express diagnostics occurs. We decided to diagnose venereal diseases, since they are the most widespread diseases on the planet. Currently about one million people a day catch these diseases", - says the biotechnologist.

The head office of National administration on aeronautics and space research (NASA) on annual basis organizes acceleration projects. During 10 days selected 80 best scientists of the world undergo intensive course for studying various technologies. Then in three weeks the participants should think of a project which that can help billions of people on the planet.

"I am very happy that I won the competition and could participate in the training. In three weeks we formed a team from highly qualified experts from various directions and managed to create this project from scratch. I think that our mission is to improve human life, to extend human life and to improve its quality. I think that it is possible and we are able to do it, since technologies now became more available, faster and cheaper" – noted Damel Mektepbaeva.

Damel Mektepbaeva studied at Indiana University Bloomington, Singularity University (Silicon valley), and also at Magistracy of École Normale Supérieure de Cachan in France. Now Damel works in Nazarbayev University in Astana.


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