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“Massive Study Confirms Our Universe Is 'Slowly Dying', “Loss of 2022 Olympics a Blow to Kazakhstan's LGBT Community”, “Kazakhstan: Graft-Provoked Reshuffle Reveals Nazarbayev Favorites”, "Top rights group Amnesty International to advocate for decriminali

938 просмотрs “Loss of 2022 Olympics a Blow to Kazakhstan's LGBT Community" - The Games were one of the few hopes LGBT individuals had for defending against growing repression. For many in Kazakhstan, losing out on the 2022 Winter Olympics bid – especially in such a close vote – was a disappointment. Despite the fact that the Olympics would have likely brought only economic drag and bad press, the country narrowly missed out on the chance to finally shake the image of, and association with, the character of Borat, who has tailed Astana for nearly a decade. Kazakhstan: Graft-Provoked Reshuffle Reveals Nazarbayev Favorites" - A reshuffle sparked by a corruption scandal in Astana has shed some light on the political preferences of Nursultan Nazarbayev, the veteran leader of Kazakhstan. High-ranking appointments are closely followed by Astana-watchers for clues as to who might eventually succeed Nazarbayev, 75, who has ruled for a quarter of a century. Akhmetzhan Yesimov, a trusted lieutenant who had been mayor of Almaty, the country's financial hub, for over seven years, will now head up the organization of the corruption-engulfed EXPO-17. "Top rights group Amnesty International to advocate for decriminalized sex trade" - London-based rights group Amnesty International has said - amid criticism - it will push for the legalization of prostitution. Research suggests punishing sex workers counterproductive, the group has said. Delegates from 70 countries at Amnesty International's annual conference voted Tuesday to advocate for legalizing consensual sex trade, the group announced. “Massive Study Confirms Our Universe Is 'Slowly Dying'- Bad news: A survey of over 200,000 galaxies has confirmed that our universe is slowly dying. "The universe has basically sat down on the sofa, pulled up a blanket and is about to nod off for an eternal doze," said the University of Western Australia's Simon Driver, head of the research team, in a news release. If he doesn't sound worried, that's because the idea that the universe is on its way out has been the consensus for decades. But this latest study documents it more thoroughly than ever before.

August 12 2015, 10:56

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