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​Businessman Zhamaliev who brutally assaulted a young man Alibi Zhumagulov sentenced to 13 years of imprisonment (+photos)

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Image 0Businessman Kairat Zhamaliev, infamous with brutal, near-fatal assault on a young man Alibi Zhumagulov has been sentenced to 13 years of imprisonment, with confiscation of all property belonging to him and serving his sentence in the strict regime penal colony.

Hearings took place behind closed doors in specialized interdistrict court of Astana city under the chairmanship of the judge Erbol Rakhimbekov.

"To confiscate to the income of the state the property belonging to Zhamaliyev Kairat in the form of 50% shares in PetroMunaiContract LLP, 45% shares in HOST LLP, 60% shares in Imperia Loto-2012 LLP, 50% shares in Paritet 2003 LLP, 51% shars in Villeroy KZ LLP; cars - Lexus, Mercedes, Lamborghini; funds located on current bank account in CenterBankCredit, savings accounts and numbers", - announced Zhamaliyev's list of property the judge Erbol Rakhimbekov.

Two other defendants of the case –Anatoly Pribytkov and Arman Abiltaev were also sentenced to 8 and 12 years of imprisonment respectively.

The story began on April 24, when Astana resident Nurlan Zhumagulov published a post on Facebook requesting urgent help from the public to bring a criminal to justice.

Three days earlier, he wrote, his son Alibi had been invited to a friendly meeting with well-known Astana restaurateur and businessman Kairat Zhamaliev. However, upon arriving at Zhamaliev's apartment, Alibi Zhumagulov discovered that the businessman's intentions were far from friendly. Zhamaliev purportedly demanded that Zhumagulov break off relations with his girlfriend, who had previously dated Zhamaliev. When he declined, the father wrote, Zhamaliev and two of his associates proceeded to subject Zhumagulov to a vicious, drawn-out beating.

The three men reportedly pummeled and strangled Zhumagulov, cut off his ear with a broken bottle, tore his cheek, and jumped on his head, leaving him with a traumatic brain injury. Zhamaliev also reportedly threatened to kill Zhumagulov's father and younger sister and, using a mobile phone, forced Zhumagulov to confess on camera to a series of murders he didn't commit in order to blackmail his family.

Finally, after four hours of torturing Zhumagulov, the three men allegedly deposited him semi-conscious in the street and took his car. Alibi Zhumagulov survived and was eventually brought to the hospital, but that was hardly the end of the story.

After his family pressed charges against Zhamaliev, police placed the businessman under three-day arrest on April 24. But, according to Nurlan Zhumagulov, the police investigators admitted that they were under pressure to release Zhamaliev on bail after three days, even though Alibi Zhumagulov's possessions and blood had reportedly been found in the businessman's apartment. Nurlan Zhumagulov also said he received a phone call from a high-placed government official asking to meet to discuss the situation, but he declined.

"I ask all people who are not apathetic, everyone who has children they love, please spread my message, do not let this monster freely parade around our city!" the elder Zhumagulov wrote, concluding his Facebook post. "While he is at liberty, no one can sleep peacefully."


August 7 2015, 12:18

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