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“Chevron-led Kazakh oil company boosts H1 output”, ​“Could a Ukraine-style crisis happen in Kazakhstan?”, “Kazakhstan Goes After Opposition Media in New York Federal Court”,

1 048 просмотрs “Chevron-led Kazakh oil company boosts H1 output"- Chevron-led Tengizchevroil (TCO), Kazakhstan's No.1 oil company, said on Monday it had increased crude output by 8.2 pct year-on-year to 14.07 million tonnes in the first half of the year. “Could a Ukraine-style crisis happen in Kazakhstan?" - The Kazakh government has a delicate balancing act between Russia and China, says David Clark. Although the spotlight has been focused almost exclusively on Russia's relations with the West, the crisis in Ukraine has had an unsettling impact throughout the post-Soviet space. This has been true even in Central Asia where, despite occasional blips, close and friendly ties with Moscow have remained the norm since the break up of the Soviet Union. In a region described as the “pivot of history', where great power rivalry has often been a cause of conflict and tension, governments are sensitive to anything that might upset the existing balance of relations. This is already having an effect in fostering new alignments and complicating plans for Eurasian integration under Russian leadership. Kazakhstan Goes After Opposition Media in New York Federal Court" - The government of Kazakhstan tries to use a U.S. federal statute to take down an opposition newspaper. Central Asia may be one of the least economically integrated regions extant, but the countries remain as tapped into Western legal structures as any – especially when attempting to smother opposition voices. The latest bit of legal manipulation came last year, when the Kazakhstani government used the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), a U.S. federal statute, to sue unnamed “Doe" defendants in federal court in New York.

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