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“Kazakhstan's next parliamentary elections may lay foundation for presidential succession”, “Average subsistence minimum totals $102 in Kazakhstan”, “What our perspiration reveals about us”,

1 171 просмотрs “Kazakhstan's next parliamentary elections may lay foundation for presidential succession" - In early July, Kazakh media reported on a new political initiative announced by a group of young activists headed by Olesya Khalabuzar. The group proposed the creation of a political party under the name "Spravedlivost" (Justice). This 'new left' project seeks to build a multi-ethnic organization that would advocate building a society of equal opportunities. The project needs to attract at least 40,000 members to become officially registered as a political party and participate in the next parliamentary elections, scheduled for 2016, Refworld's Alexander Kim says.

“Average subsistence minimum totals $102 in Kazakhstan" - Minimum subsistence level in Kazakhstan amounted to $102.3 on average in July 2015, the Statistics Committee reports. July's average subsistence minimum per capita decreased by 2.4% in comparison with the previous month, and by 2% in comparison with July 2014. “What our perspiration reveals about us" - We all know that we sweat when we are hot, anxious or embarrassed – it's less well known that sweat actually carries emotional messages. In 1934, a British physician named BA McSwiney stood before his colleagues at the Royal Society of Medicine and lamented that most folks didn't concern themselves with the chemical composition of human perspiration. Instead, they focused solely on the mechanisms by which the evaporation of sweat from the skin's surface allowed the body to cool itself.

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