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Dozens of applications filed from abroad in 2014 in connection with division of children after divorce of Kazakhstani residents with foreigners

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Image 0Several dozens of applications came in 2014 from Sweden, France, Syria, Turkey and Russia in connection with "share" of children after divorces of Kazakhstani people with foreign citizens, said Vyacheslav Kaluzhniy, head of the national center for human rights.

"We have received applications from Sweden, France, Syria, and first of all from Turkey. Family couples divorce, one of the spouses is a citizen of Kazakhstan, another one of a foreign state, they start dividing the children," he said.
In his words, in such cases, Kazakhstani side applies to ombudsman in the appropriate states asking to help the citizens of Kazakhstan.
He added, children have been applying complaining about violation of children's rights.
"Children have been applying saying about their problems," he said saying there were 3 such cases from Kazakhstani children in 2014.

Source: KazTAG

July 14 2015, 11:20

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