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​Water bills will jump 50% as of August 1

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By Murat Sultangaliev

Image 0As of August 1, 2015 tap water in Atyrau will rise in price: for the population - for 48,4%, for other consumers - for 67%. This was informed by the regional department on regulation of natural monopolies and protection of the competition.

The cost of 1 cubic meter of water jumped in price for population from 68,28 tenge to 101,33 tenge, for other consumers - from 189,7 tenge to 316,72 tenge. The tariff for sewerage services also increased: from 31,39 tenge to 35 tenge for 1 cubic meter for the population and from 122,12 tenge to151,98 tenge - for other consumers. This tariff has been approved till the year 2020 inclusive.

The department gave the following explanations for the reasons of price jump: increase in expenses incurred by "AtyrauSu Arnasy" (AtyrauWaterWorks) due to increase of costs for materials and chemical reagents; the need for implementation of the Comprehensive plan on introduction of new mechanisms of tariff setting for water; AtyrauWaterWorks' investment program directed at modernization and repair of water supply systems and production assets, acquisition of energy saving equipment.

July 9 2015, 16:41

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