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Documentary: "Nazarbayev speaks on key issues"

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We will raise the level of Kazakhstan to 30 most developed countries in the world and access in the OECD. This is our first task, said Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev in a documentary entitled "Nazarbayev speaks on key issues," reports.

"Now we need to do our job honorably, faithfully and devotedly. The first task is to be become one the 30 developed countries in the world that is to access in the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development). The works on accessing in the OECD, that is, raising the level of Kazakhstan to 30 most developed countries in the world are conducted. It is part of our future, isn't it? That's what I see. A lot of things happen in the world. I still wish that Kazakhstani reaping the fruits of executed work and everything made under my leadership, will be intelligent, efficient and hard-working to build their lives and make our country stronger and more beautiful," he said.

It should be reminded that a demonstration of the documentary entitled " Nazarbayev speaks on key issues" was yesterday. President of Kazakhstan gave a candid interview on "Khabar" TV channel. Head of State with authors of the project watched archival records and commented on the changes that have occurred to him and the country.

July 3 2015, 11:06

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