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Foreign Capital to Revive Fishing Industry

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Kadyrzhan ТeylyanovOn Dec 26 during the government delegation to Atyrau, Кadyrzhan Тeylyanov, Fisheries Committee Chair, announced that KZ may attract foreign investment to sea fishing.

The majority of WKT respondents believe that government will not be able to attract foreign capital to fishing industry, since this field is absolutely corrupt and investors’ conflicts with the population of fishing villages is unavoidable.

Others think that Teylyanov meant not Atyrau, but Mangistau Oblast where mullet, white-eyed bream and anchovy is peopled in the sea. Big trawls and vessels are required for their fishing. In old days Aktau had a fishing fleet, but during the years of economic devastation the fleet was lost. Now they want to restore it.

By Murat Sultangaliev 

December 29 2012, 17:47

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