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Deputies committed a political mistake

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On August 31, the Atyrau Branch of Nur Otan Party hosted the conference of the oblast core group with participation of the Speaker of Mazhilis of the Parliament and the First Deputy Head of the Party Nurlan NIGMATULLIN, Prosecutor General Askhat DAULBAYEV, Head of Financial Police Rasheed TUSUPBEKOV and the new governor Baktykozha IZMUKHAMBETOV.     

It was announced that the Oblast Prosecutor Saifolla KEMALOV and the Head of the Oblast Financial Police Yerlan JALMAGAMBETOV had been dismissed.

Galymzhan TOGIZBAYEV, who earlier headed one of the general prosecution’s departments, was appointed the new prosecutor of the oblast. Murat TYULEBAYEV, former deputy prosecutor of the oblast, will direct the local office of financial police.

 Member of Mazhilis Askhat BEKENOV read out the address of Atyrau deputies, claiming their (and of four Majilis members) previous address in defense of B. Ryskaliyev a political mistake.

Ak Zhaik reporters asked the General Prosecutor on the subject of Ryskaliyev’s whereabouts. Daulbayev replied that he was not aware of the ex-akim’s location and denied the fact of his temporary arrest. With regard to the recent General Prosecution’s statement that it had no information about investigations in Atyrau Oblast, Daulbayev said such a statement never existed. He also denied the fact of pressure exerted on General Prosecution by side forces, in relation to the events happening in Atyrau Oblast.


September 3 2012, 12:00

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