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​Abnormal heat in Atyrau during week-end

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By Zeena Urynbassarova

Image 0Abnormal heat with air temperature 5-10 degrees C higher than normal values has been established in the majority of regions in Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan's national forecaster Kazhydromet informs.

Such weather is connected with ridge of high pressure and along its western periphery very hot air comes from the Middle East. Although under the influence of atmospheric front that is displaced from the European territory of Russia it is possible to have intermittent rain in certain areas, the temperature drop during the weekend is not expected.

Daytime temperatures in other areas of Kazakhstan are +30-35 degrees C, and in the western and southern regtions - +36-42. Only in the east and southeast regions of the republic the air from the Siberia will cool down the air and therefore temperatures will be close to normal and intermittent rains are expected with thunder-storms.

June 19 2015, 15:03

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