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I will not calm down until I learn about my son's fate - Sagindyk Imenov

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A resident of the village of Inder Sagindyk IMENOV (on left photo), the father of a missing-in-action frontier guard Meirkhan IMENOV (on below photo), returned home from Taldykorgan after the trial of Vladislav Chelakh accused of killing 14 fellow soldiers at Arkankergen frontier post in late May and sentenced to life. 

- Sagindyk, you attended all the court sessions. What are your impressions of the trial?

- I am not sure about others, but personally I believe the trial was unfair. Too many things in the case caused doubts and suspicions. On the other hand, I don't quite understand Chelakh's position - he behaved strangely at court sessions. I didn't miss a session, because I hoped to know something about my son Meirkhan.

- Were any facts related to your son revealed at the court?

- No. As you know, the remnants of three soldiers were sent to Germany for DNA test. Only one of them was identified, but it's still unclear what happened to the other two - my son Meirkhan and another guy Denis RAY. When I was in Astana, I was shown an unbroken bone, allegedly of Meirkhan. But on the video shown at the trial, they were showing bone fractures. Where is the unbroken bone? When I asked this, prosecutors began to dance around the question. Eventually, the court concluded the bone was not of Meirkhan. No matter how highly the bodies were burnt, can't they identify them? Modern science is able to reveal even ancient mysteries. In general, everything remains veiled. General Prosecution has made no official statements concerning Meirkhan. 

- What do other parents think of the verdict? Can we say now the question is closed for them?

- Some of the parents believe that Chelakh is the murderer and they are quite satisfied with the life sentence. There are ones who still doubt he is the guilty. However, they are no longer insisting, apparently, tired from all the investigation. But I can't quiet down until I know anything about my son's fate. It's very hard to see your wife keep crying and other sons grieving upon their brother. Meirkhan's younger brother Nursultan had to start army service this autumn, but I didn't let him go, because I think the country is carelessly treating our sons' lives.


December 27 2012, 12:23

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