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​Calf rescue operation

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y Ainur Saparova

Image 0The inhabitants of Erkinkala village in Atyrau Oblast sent to AkZhaik a series of photographs that they called "calf rescue operation".

"At the beginning of April we happened to be in the place called Usharal that is located between Erkinkala and Damba villages. We suddenly saw corpses of two cows, - wrote the citizens of Erkinkala. “Cows, probably, went to drink water, but because of a strong wind the water in the river recessed and cows got bogged down in clay and couldn't get out. There was also a calf lying nearby, but it was still alive. We tied rope to its horns and with great difficulty managed to pull it out. Soon the water level in the river should rise and the river coast will be back to normal".

April 9 2015, 17:04

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