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“California vaping: The new subculture”, “Secret to thinking like a genius”, “Astana administration will pay each veteran 1 100 000 tenge”, “Czech Ambassador Seeks to Share Kazakh Culture with her Countrymen”

1 542 просмотрs “California vaping: The new subculture” - California is generally reckoned to be a trendsetter - it's not necessarily that things are invented there but California is often an early adopter. Think raves, skateboards, hippies and a whole smorgasbord of drugs. So what's next? There's a cloud-chasing meet and I want to win. And no. Not the clouds in the sky. So here's the set-up. I want a sub-ohm rechargeable, authentic mech mod so that I that can crank up the power. And a metal rebuildable atomizer. Drip tip, of course, and then a wire coil with a dual silica wick.

Secret to thinking like a genius - Why science needs imagination and beauty. Albert Einstein famously said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” They’re both important, says physicist and Nobel Prize recipient Frank Wilczek, but knowledge without imagination is barren. Take his subject of theoretical physics. As Wilczek says a lot of what you do is to try to understand Mother Nature’s mind and her sense of beauty to see how the laws of physics could be more beautiful. “Astana administration will pay each veteran 1 100 000 tenge” - At present 210 World War II veterans are living in the capital. Under the action plan for celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, Astana city administration will pay each veteran up to 1 million 100 thousand tenge, cites the administration’s press service reporting. “Czech Ambassador Seeks to Share Kazakh Culture with her Countrymen” - Czech Ambassador Eliška Žigová is in Kazakhstan to help bring this country and hers together – or, more specifically, to bring Czechs of all kinds to the steppe. The job can be a bit one-sided sometimes, she said in an April 2 interview with The Astana Times. As she discovered when she arrived, Kazakhs often know quite a lot about the Czech Republic – from its beer, which is much appreciated in this part of the world, to its spas and famous crystal work. “But from our side, people know almost nothing,” she admitted. “So it would be nice to inform them, to bring more tourists.”

April 6 2015, 10:02

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