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"Woman, 61, gives birth to her own grandchild", “The father searching for his abducted son”, “Ukraine to Spend Last of Its Money on New Arms – German Media”, “Azerbaijan to keep Europe warm”, “Venezuelan president asks parliament for special powers to cou

887 просмотрs "Woman, 61, gives birth to her own grandchild" - After an abortion and a failed pregnancy through a surrogate mother, 27-year-old Seethalakshmi began to lose hope of being able to hold a baby in her arms again. Help came in the form of her 61-year-old mother who set out on an unusual journey to carry her daughter's baby in her womb. “The father searching for his abducted son” - An illegal market in children has developed in China, in which babies are being openly sold online. Police say many of the victims are from the estimated 20,000 children abducted each year - a crime with a devastating impact on separated children and parents. It was a few days before the Chinese New Year in February 2007 and Xiao Chaohua was working at his small clothes shop in an industrial zone of Huizhou, a city in China's Pearl River delta, not far from Hong Kong. “Ukraine to Spend Last of Its Money on New Arms – German Media” - Ukraine’s Defense Ministry plans to spend over $500 million on new weapons in 2015, Deutsche Welle reported. Undeterred by its empty state coffers and looming bankruptcy, Kiev is all set to almost quadruple the amount of money it spends on new weapons. “Azerbaijan to keep Europe warm” - Azerbaijan seriously intends not only to supply gas to Europe, but also to “control” it there. The matter rests in the fact that Azerbaijan will not only supply the European countries with a necessary resource, but also create a distribution network in some of them. This will significantly increase the level of gasification of Europe as a whole, even if the specific countries are the case. “Venezuelan president asks parliament for special powers to counter US threats” - Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has asked the country’s parliament, the National Assembly, to be granted special powers to struggle against the threats from the United States. "Special legislative powers will allow me to take measures in line with a complex scenario which Venezuela is going through to ensure peace 




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