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Kazakhstan to present the project of TCO expansion

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Minister of Energy Vladimir Shkolnik presented the project of future LLP "Tengizchevroil" expansion during the press conference in CCS. According to Minister, the cost of facilities expansion will be 14 bn dollars at the same time 20,000 jobs are planned to be created, reports.

"The project for the future expansion of Tengizchevroil "- the final decision of this project on financing the project of future LLP “Tengizchevroil " expansion will be made till the end of 2015. Currently, TCO plans to develop the production within the large-scale project management with surface pressure of the project of future expansion, " he said. 

According to Minister, under this plan a new system of well production collection, high-pressure facilities of infrastructure support facilities is supposed to be build.

"The project includes construction of a new plant on oil refining with 12 mn tons per year capacity and reinjection of sour gas for 9,4 bn cubic meters in a year.

Tengiz field implementation will bring the annual oil production of TCO from 26.5 mn tonnes to 38.6 mn tonnes per year, " said Vladimir Shkolnik.

February 23 2015, 15:58

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