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Kazakh popular singer transforms into Louis Armstrong at Russian TV show

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Kazakhstan’s popular singer Batyrkhan Shukenov has impersonated a famous American jazz trumpeter and singer Louis Armstrong at Odin v Odin (The Same) TV show, a Russian version of Spanish Tu cara me suena (Your Face Sounds Familiar), which began on Russia-1 TV channel on February 8, tengrinews reports.

The main task for the participants of this show is to perform on stage and impersonate legendary musicians of the past and present. Not only should they look like them, but also their singing and dancing style should be simular. Professional mentors and make-up-artists help the participants in their transformation.

Batyrkhan Shukenov said he treated the transformation with a bit of humor. It took four hours to do the makeup, which included painting the face and hands, hiding the singer’s hair under a hairnet and gluing on a new curly hair.

February 19 2015, 01:28

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