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Shady oil?

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We received a call from an unknown railman. He told us that at the Ak Zhaik station there was a number of railway tank cars with oil awaiting refining at ANPZ, but the refinery was not accepting them for some reason.

"Perhaps, stolen oil?" the caller hinted.

When we arrived at the station located in the city suburbs, parallel to Datov street we saw a train of 11 tank cars with oil, which had already been moved to a dead end track.

Tanks' manways were sealed by financial police. However, the local finpol office refused to comment the situation citing an instruction from the management.

Reportedly, the stolen oil was brought from the neighboring Aktobe Oblast.

Before delivery of oil to a refinery, an organization should show the refinery a contract made with a production company. Certainly, it's easy to forge signatures and stamps using modern technologies.

The question is: to what extent relevent services of ANPZ were sure about honesty of P..n LLP, the vendor? By the way, the latter rents entire floor in one of business centers in Atyrau.

How long the refinery has been processing 'shady' oil? How many such vendors there are?

To recall, ANPZ's top manager was replaced in November.



December 6 2012, 12:07

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