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ExxonMobil Gives Ambulances to Rural Hospitals

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ExxonMobil Kazakhstan Inc. has given 10 UAZ ambulance vehicles and 1 Niva car to Atyrau Department of Health. Ambulance keys’ delivering ceremony was held on November 28.

As it was said at the ceremony, all vehicles, donated by ExxonMobil Kazakhstan Inc., will be sent to the rural areas, where they badly need medical transport. The current situation in the rural areas with ambulances is as follows: there is 1 ambulance providing emergency medical service to 1 000 people, who reside as far as 20 or even 200km from the rural medical facility.

The donated cars were transferred to the ownership of the central hospitals located in Kurmangazy, Kyzylkoga, Inder and Makhambet districts, as well as to Makhambet interregional antituberculous hospital, Zhyloi rural clinic, polyclinic in Geolog village, air medical service of Atyrau oblast hospital and Atyrau children's polyclinic and polyclinic #3.

ExxonMobil Kazakhstan Inc. as a good corporate citizen has successfully sponsored in the past a number of medical and other projects in our oblast.


December 1 2012, 16:29

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