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Kazakhstan to train less oil workers

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Training of specialists in the oil sector will be suspended in Mangistau district of Kazakhstan in 2015, the mayor of the district Alik Aidarbayev said.

“Today, we have a surplus of personnel in the oil industry,” Aidarbayev said at a briefing in the office of the central communications. “They can not find a job. It is clear that the high salary attracts many people to get a job in the oil company. Starting from the next year, no more money will be allocated for training of oil workers. That is, our expenditures will amount to zero tenge.”

He said that the released funds will be distributed and used for the training of specialists which are currently in particular demand, trend reported. 

“Oil and gas is the foundation, and therefore professionals in this industry should be trained,” said Aidarbayev. “But we must move from the amount on to the quality now. We must prepare smaller quantity of oil workers, only as much as needed for the oil industry. No more than that. And, of course, we should work over the quality of training of these professionals. Unfortunately, some of our graduates can not pass the criteria to work in the new modern conditions.” 

November 17 2014, 04:53

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