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Spain: public health workers call on health minister to resign

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Health care workers in the Spanish capital are angry because many hospitals have experienced cuts in budgets, staff, units and equipment.

The staff are confident they are doing their jobs properly albeit with limited resources, however they are calling on the resignation of those responsible for the cuts, including the Spanish health minister.

“As a medical team, we want to strengthen precautions and put more faith in what we do because we followed the correct protocol as instructed,” explained Esther Quinin, a member La Paz Hospital Union.

Workers demonstrated outside the Carlos III Hospital in Madrid where a Spanish nurse became infected with Ebola.

“We want an investigation. Those responsible must be removed. If anybody should resign, they should. And if anyone is responsible, they must leave,” said Juan Jose Cano, a nursing union member.

Carlos Marlasca, euronews correspondent, reported from Madrid.

October 8 2014, 09:57

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