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Ukraine's Foreign Minister visits Kazakhstan

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Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and current Chairman of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Leonid Kozhara paid a working visit to Kazakhstan and delivered a lecture at the Kazakh Academy of Public Administration under the President of Kazakhstan.

The topic of the lecture was: “Ukrains Chairmanship in OSCE. Ukrain on international areand. Priorities of Kazakh-Ukranian cooperation”, the Central Communications Service under the President of Kazakhstan reports.

During his lecture Minister Kozhara gave a detailed information about the tasks and activities that OSCE conducts under the chairmanship of Ukraine, about main external political priorities of Kiev and noted the key points of bilateral cooperation between Kazakhstan and Ukraine. He then answered the questions of the academic teaching staff.

Kozhara was awarded with the honorary diploma of the Professor of the Kazakh Academy of Public Administration.

Translated from CCS website.

October 3 2014, 16:26

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