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Master class from Tim Miller, TCO General Director (+update)

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By Saule Tasboulatova

Tim Miller, TCO General Director Tim Miller, TCO General Director During the youth forum “KazEnergy - leadership and innovations” that was held within the 11th Forum of interregional cooperation of Kazakhstan and Russia, TCO General Director Tim Miller conducted a master-class for the students and young oil-industry specialists.

The master-class was conducted at APEC Petrotechnic Atyrau College in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. The young audience showed great interest to Tim Miller's personality, as well as to the pervious expert - the President of the Moscow Oil University named after Goubkin  - Victor Martynov.


Tim Glenn Miller – TCO General Director since 2010. He is an engineer and manager of oil operations with a wealth of experience in international divisions of Chevron corporation. Miller was born in Texas and started his career as a 17 years old student, earning extra money as a concrete worker on construction sites. One year before the graduation from Texas Tech University Miller started work in oil industry at one of the oil fields of Texaco company:

- The significant part of my early career in the field of design and construction was passed in the oil and gas industry that contributed to my career growth as an oil expert. As a result, I literally fell in love with this profession of the oil industry worker to which I dedicated 33 years of my life.

His first supervisory position Tim Miller took after 10 years of service.

- In the year 2000 I was assigned to a senior position of the international level in Kuwait where besides production tasks it was  necessary to resolve diplomatic issues in aggravated political situation in the region.

After merging of Chevron and Texaco corporations Miller was transferred to Chevron head office in San Remon, California where for one year and a half he dealt with international development issues and then he received assignment to Brazil as the director of the geological exploration and oil production in local subdivision of Chevron. Later there was a similar job on the island of Kalimantan in Indonesia.

- My previous experience, probably, helped me to get a necessary training to do a successful work in Kazakhstan. TCO is not only the largest asset of Chevron corporation, but, perhaps, in all respects the best one, - said Tim.

About his family:

- My children are, perhaps, older than you. I have three sons, and all of them live in the USA. I have five grandsons and one more is on the way. Because I work overseas, my wife Kaila lives as if on ‘roller coasters’. Whenever I call her and ask whether she will go with me to live and work overseas, she raises her hands and exults: “Let's ride!”. She helps me to stay stable and she is the best part of my career.

About Kazakhstan and Atyrau:

- In ten years time I witnessed how the level of middle class improved here, especially in the last four years.

On how they cope in Tengiz with hydrogen-sulphide corrosion:

- The content of hydrogen sulfide in Tengis oil is 13-15%. For protection of pipes against corrosion we use very expensive Inconel steel.

About the Russian-Ukrainian relations:

- We transport the liquefied gas and sulfur via Russia and Ukraine, and we were forced to change the route to avoid places of military operations. We hope that the conflict will be resolved.

“I am also called Temirbek”

Questions from the hall:

- My name is Temirbek. What are TCO expectations from its new employees?

- I am also called Temirbek and I like it. It is a very good name (laughing in the hall). We want our new employees to absorb all the knowledge and never hesitated to say that they don't know something and asked questions. We expect that they will ask many questions, go to training courses and follow the rules of our organization.

- What advice would you give to the young specialists who are present here?

- There are two ways to achieve success: to work hard and to be lucky. But the second option not always works. Therefore I wish that you were lucky. And also I would ask you to work and study hard. Only then you will achieve success.

The questions were asked by students of APEC College, “Nazarbayev University”, Atyrau Institute of Oil and Gas and other higher educational institutions. All the students asked questions in English and in the middle of the meeting the head of TCO noted that he was impressed with the level of English of young people.

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