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Ukraine lustration will cover 1 million officials, law enforcers

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Arseniy YatseniukArseniy YatseniukAround one million people fall under the lustration law passed by Ukrainian parliament on Tuesday, said Ukraine's Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk.

"By our estimates, about one million of all sorts of officials, public servants, and law enforcement officers fall under this law," Yatseniuk told government on Wednesday. The entire vertical of Ukrainian power will fall under this law, said the prime minister.

To ensure the document's implementation, the Prime Minister ordered to a commission that will investigate current Cabinet members and deputy ministers, and all senior executive officials in the central government to be set up on the subject of compliance with the Ukrainian lustration law.

The Prime Minister instructed the Justice Minister to urgently form a state register of persons who fell under lustration, and senior executive officials in central government to urgently set up a commission for lustration in every ministry.

The Justice Ministry will also set up a public council for lustration, Yatseniuk said.

September 17 2014, 17:23

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