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Tony Blair to contribute to book on Kazakhstan Constitution

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Tony BlairTony BlairForeign experts and politicians will write a book on the Constitution of Kazakhstan, tengrinews reports citing a member of the Constitutional Council of Kazakhstan Anar Zhailganova.

“A book entitled Kazakhstani Trend: from Totalitarian to Democratic and Legal State will be released. The book will contain opinions about our Constitution, and show development of constitutionalism in Kazakhstan from the point of view of foreign experts, politicians and lawyers. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Gianni Buquicchio of the Venice Comission and a number of chairmen of Asian and European constitutional courts have expressed willingness to contribute to the book,” Zhailganova said.

In addition, it is planned to prepare a scientific and practical commentary book on the present Constitution as well as a study of the development of the Constitution, Kazakhstan’s experience and development of constitutional control in the country.

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