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“Under artillery fire, Ukraine rebels switch their leaders”, “Pot-laced products ruled constitutional for medical purposes in Canada”, “Stalk the Reefs With Google Maps for Under the Sea”, “The Paris syndrome drives Chinese tourists away”, “World’s rich

1 131 просмотрs “Under artillery fire, Ukraine rebels switch their leaders” - two of the most senior rebels battling government troops in eastern Ukraine quit on Thursday, deepening the disarray in a pro-Moscow separatist movement that is being pushed back by an Ukrainian military offensive.The resignations came on the same day that artillery shells landed for the first time since the conflict began in the centre of the eastern city of Donetsk, the separatists' main stronghold. “Pot-laced products ruled constitutional for medical purposes in Canada” - A British Columbia Court of Appeals ruled that it is unconstitutional to forbid licensed medical marijuana users from possessing edibles and creams made with cannabis extract. Now the Canadian Parliament has a year to rewrite its regulations. “Stalk the Reefs With Google Maps for Under the Sea” - It’s easy to go online and get a 360-degree, ground-level view of almost any street in the United States and throughout the world. Soon, scientists hope people will be able to do the same with coral reefs and other underwater wonders. U.S. government scientists are learning to use specialized fisheye lenses underwater in the Florida Keys this week in hopes of applying “street view” mapping to research and management plans in marine sanctuaries nationwide. “The Paris syndrome drives Chinese tourists away” - An epidemic is gripping Chinese tourists visiting the French capital: the Paris syndrome. Like their Japanese counterparts, first-time visitors from China -- fed on media reports and movies like "An American in Paris," or "Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amelie Poulain" -- arrive expecting to see a quaint, affluent and friendly European city with smartly dressed men and women smelling of Chanel No. 5. “World’s richest travelers express growing interest in New Zealand” - New Zealand, Chile, Indonesia and pretty much all of Central Europe are among the most popular emerging destinations for the world’s most affluent travelers, according to a newly released report by a luxury travel network.



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