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November 14 2012, 17:10

Rakhimzhan Arystanov is a well known surgeon and the Director of Medical Services Quality Control Department in Aktobe. He has a secret passion. He rejuvenates old cars, reports

So far he restored 7 old cars. They date back to 1942-1952s. He also has BMW motorbike that is over 60 years old. All these“rubbish” the surgeon brings back to life with his own hands.

“The first car that I restored was old “Volga”, says Rakhimzhan.” The second car was Gaz-67, rusty old car that had even bricks inside. It was made in 1949. Then I bought BMW motorbike made in 1946. What I like in old vehicles is that they are simple to repair and easy to drive. All of them are up and running."

Rakhimazhan these days is busy rejuvenating the second Gaz-67. It was made in 1943. At the end of the war they were used as reconnaissance and headquarter vehicles. On the hood there is a sign “GAZ named after Molotov.”  "It’s possible that this car may have been to WWII,”- says Rakhimzhan.

Currently the master is restoring old “Pobeda” car made in 1952. “I don’t’ have a commercial interest in this hobby,” says Rakhmzhan.

“My dream is to put them on a display one day, so that people and children could look at them and admire their beauty, and children could see the live samples of our history."

WKT citing Diapazon

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