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Reps of Caspian ports are meeting in Aktau

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Delegations from all Caspian states arrived to the meeting.

Issues being discussed include provision of navigation safety in the water zones of sea ports and approaches. Big attention was paid to ensuring complex security and sustained functioning of sea ports, as well as minimizing harmful impact of transportation means on the environment. 

Other subjects of discussion are measures to increase cargo turnover and attract transit freight, also through development of line shipping, and plans of the states to build and modernize infrastructures of their ports.

Participants of the meeting intend to discuss a range of services provided in ports of the Caspian Sea (bunkerage, supply, minor repair, terms and costs), and the necessity to align technologic processes of servicing vessels in corresponding ports.

The parties will also talk about the development of non-commercial software system Caspianlogic. The web-resource will allow direct access and data exchange between shippers and navigational, port and other transportation entities involved in rendering services during freight traffic in the basin of the Caspian Sea.

Signing of a many-sided memorandum is planned during the meeting.

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