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“What Richard Nixon Said When He Resigned 40 Years Ago”, “Escape from Istanbul: The tiny islands where a chaotic city unwinds”, “Low vitamin D 'boosts dementia risk', “Dilbert Creator: The Financial Industry Is The World's Biggest Scam”

2 446 просмотрs “Escape from Istanbul: The tiny islands where a chaotic city unwinds” - When two continents collide, there's inevitably going to be some chaos. So it is in Istanbul, on the cusp of Europe and Asia, where a serene skyline of domes and minarets looks down on streets teeming with traffic, traders and tourists. “KazFashion to kick of August 10” - KazFashion 2014 International Ready-to-Wear Exhibition will take place at Atakent Expo Hall on August 10-12 in Almaty. It will showcase clothes,garments, sportswear, accessories, shoes, footwear, etc. “Low vitamin D 'boosts dementia risk'” - Older people who have a severe vitamin D deficiency have an increased risk of developing dementia, a study has suggested.“What Richard Nixon Said When He Resigned 40 Years Ago” - On this day in history 40 years ago, Richard Nixon – facing all but certain impeachment amidst the Watergate scandal – announced his decision to resign as president. The Watergate scandal was touched off by the June 17, 1972 break-in of the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. “Dilbert Creator: The Financial Industry Is The World's Biggest Scam” - Dilbert creator Scott Adams is not a fan of investment advisors. In a new post titled "How to make more money in stocks" Adams, who also holds a degree in economics, argues that the financial industry is the world's biggest scam and that investment advisors make stocks risky. “Petrodollar Under Threat As Russia And Iran Sign Historic 500,000 Barrel A Day Oil Deal” - Russia Delivers Blow To Petrodollar In Historic $20 Billion Iran Oil Deal. Russia signed a historic $20 billion oil deal with Iran to bypass both western sanctions and the dollar based western monetary system yesterday. Currency warsare set to escalate as the petro dollar’s decline continues. Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak and his Iranian counterpart Bijan Zanganeh signed a five-year memorandum of understanding in Moscow, which included cooperation in the oil sector. “Russia Invasion of Ukraine Looms, 20,000 Troops on Border – NATO”-  Defiant Russia, which has banned all U.S. food on its land, as well as fruits and vegetables from the EU in response to sanctions, is feared to invade Ukraine anytime soon. NATO said around 20,000 combat-ready Russian troops are now present on Ukraine's eastern border.




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