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The White House to consider independence petition of Texas

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Washington will have to review the online petition about secession of Texas and Louisiana from the United States. Within the We The People program launched in 2011, the administration of Barack Obama is obliged to respond to any public initiatives that gather over 25,000 signatures in thirty days. And the two separatist petitions now fully comply with the requirement.

Louisiana's independence petition was posted at the White House website on November 7 and that of Texas on November 9. The first gathered more than 26,000 signatures and the latter - over 60,000.

Also, similar initiatives have been voiced in some other states as soon as Obama was re-elected. Some of them, particularly, petitions for independence of Florida, Alabama and Georgia have gathered over 15,000 people each and were listed in the We The People register's Top 20.  

The authors of petitions expressed dissatisfaction over federal government's policy and request to peacefully grant the states independence. In particular, Texas petition, which is leading in Top 20, reads withdrawal of Texas from USA will re-secure Texans' rights and liberties "in accordance with the original ideas and beliefs of our founding fathers which are no longer being reflected by the federal government."

For the last time, the idea of independence of Texas had been widely discussed in 2009, when governor Rick Perry had stated possibility of such a development existed. Nevertheless, an opinion poll showed that three quarters of Texans were against independence.

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November 13 2012, 17:17

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