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Atyrau sponsored the pilgrim runner

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By Zulfiya Bainekeeva

Dulat ImankzhyDulat ImankazhyThe assistance of Atyrau sponsors made it possible for marathoner Dulat Imankazhy to continue his hajj (pilgrimage) to Mecca. The people in Astana who promised to help him, didn’t send him money. The money for D. Imankazhy’s pilgrimage was collected in our city.

We already wrote about 47-y.o. Dulat Imankazhy from Astana, the capital city. It was his long-nurtured dream to make a pilgrimage to the sacred city, but he couldn't earn enough money for the trip and decided to go on foot, or to be more precise, to run (see “Pilgrim runner”). The marathoner reached Atyrau on July 25 and he was about to quit his marathon run, because the promised money hasn’t been sent (according to the agreement, he expected to receive them in Kostanai), but Atyrau authorities learnt about his difficulties and helped to collect the necessary money.

- The businessmen from Astana who promised to support, let down the central mosque in the capital city. So the Atyrau regional government office addressed the local businessmen and they provided the required sum, -says at the press conference the head of regional administration for religions affairs Erkinbek Shokhaev. He will be supported by the RoK Ministry of Foreign Affairs with all necessary visas. And since we happened to be involved in this journey, we will provide further assistance.

On his run to Mecca Dulat Imankazhy reached Atyrau on July 25, 2014On his run to Mecca Dulat Imankazhy reached Atyrau on July 25, 2014The runner left the capital city with 700 dollars on his account. Now on his account there are 4 000 dollars. This is enough to reach the destination on foot and fly back.

- In Saudi Arabia there is an outbreak of corona viral infection. The lethality from that infection is about 30%. Did you receive a vaccination against meningococcal infection and flu, as it was required by the authorities of receiving country to the pilgrims?

E. Shokhaev answered for the runner and assured that Dulat will receive all necessary inoculations in Iran, where Kazakh Embassy reps will meet him and take him under their patronage.

On Saturday Dulat Imankazhy reached Aktau. He lost more than a week waiting for the money, therefore he went to Aktau by train. From Aktau he will fly to Baku and from there he will again continue his running.

- I will run to Mecca, - said the athlete at the press conference in Atyrau. – I’ve heard the doubts that I will run. Please make no doubts about it - my goal is good and I won't lie to people. Insha'Allah, I will only run to Mecca starting from Baku.

D. Imankazhy plans to return home via Atyrau – he wants to make his first step on native land after pilgrimage in Atyrau, as a token of gratitude to our city.

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August 4 2014, 17:31

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