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“30 Years Ago Today: Santa Barbara the Soap Opera Debuted on NBC”, “Has the House of Representatives ever sued the president before?”, “The deadliest Ebola outbreak in history”, "What are Israel and Palestine? Why are they fighting?"

July 31 2014, 10:12 “Has the House of Representatives ever sued the president before?” - Individual members of Congress, and groups of members, have filed many lawsuits against the president and the executive branch. But neither the House or Senate has ever institutionally sued the president for failing to enforce the law.

“The deadliest Ebola outbreak in history” - Not all Ebola viruses are the same. As happens often with viruses, close relatives can have very different effects. The current Ebola outbreak is of the Zaire ebolavirus species. This one has historically had the highest death rate of the five different species of Ebola virus.  The species was named after Zaire (now Democratic Republic of the Congo), where it was first found in 1976.

"What are Israel and Palestine? Why are they fighting?" - Israel is the world's only Jewish state, located just east of the Mediterranean Sea. Palestinians, the Arab population that hails from the land Israel now controls, refer to the territory as Palestine, and want to establish a state by that name on all or part of the same land. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is over who gets what land and how it's controlled. “New Boot Design to Put a Spring in Your Step”- Jim Usherwood wants to put a spring in our step - literally. The locomotor biomechanist is patenting his new design for boot soles - with springs in front of the heel. ( “30 Years Ago Today: Santa Barbara the Soap Opera Debuted on NBC” - 30 years ago today, the soap opera Santa Barbara originally aired. The day-time drama, which revolved around the fascinating and tumultuous life of the wealthy Capwell family of Santa Barbara, California, debuted on NBC on July 30, 1984, and last aired on January 15, 1993. Santa Barbara aired in over 40 countries, won 24 Daytime Emmy Awards, and was even watched y the Reagans in the White House. “Kazakh Editor Fined Again Over Hitler Issue” - The editor of a celebrity magazine in Kazakhstan has been fined for a second time for devoting the magazine's April issue to Adolf Hitler. In the latest case, an Almaty court on July 30 found Zharylqap Qalybai, the editor in chief of the magazine "Zhuldyzdar Otbasy-Anyz Adam" (Celebrities Family-Legendary People), guilty of "propagating and justifying extremism." Qalybai was fined $150 and the magazine was fined $700.

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