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"Astana Entices Kazakhs From Abroad Amid Ukraine Crisis”, “Another Day, Another Sinkhole Emerges in Florida”, "What a coincidence" - Prince George takes after the Queen Elizabeth appearance", “Electronic Devices Hazardous for Children’s Cognitive Developm

901 просмотрs “Kazakhstan: Astana Entices Kazakhs From Abroad Amid Ukraine Crisis” - Astana is rebooting a program to lure ethnic Kazakhs living abroad to move to Kazakhstan. Observers believe Astana’s revived interest in the program is motivated by a desire to limit Russia’s potential to meddle in Kazakhstani affairs. “Another Day, Another Sinkhole Emerges in Florida” - A family remains out of its home after a sinkhole opened up in a Central Florida neighborhood. The 120-foot wide and 30-foot deep sinkhole opened Saturday afternoon in Spring Hill. "Out of nowhere the earth just went straight up in the air and exploded up in the air," said Margaret Helmick, who lives in the neighborhood. Police evacuated four homes but later allowed residents to return to three of them. The area was closed off until further notice."What a coincidence" - Prince George takes after the Queen Elizabeth appearance. Electronic Devices Hazardous for Children’s Cognitive Development – Study - The issue of children being exposed to too much radiation from modern devices should be tackled immediately, the Indian Academy of Pediatricians reported. “Chinese president arrives in Venezuela for state visit”- Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived here on Sunday for a state visit to Venezuela, the third leg of his four-nation Latin America tour. He was warmly greeted by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro after the landing of his plane, which was escorted to the airport by two Venezuelan fighter jets after it entered the Venezuelan airspace.

“Shanghai meat supplier for McDonald, KFC suspended for safety concerns”- Shanghai food and drug administration has suspended the operation of a food company suspected of supplying stale meat to McDonald and KFC outlets. Earlier on Sunday the administration had ordered that all meat products supplied by Shanghai Husi Food Co., Ltd should be taken off shelf for safety concerns.




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