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New concept on improvement of migration policy introduced in Kazakhstan

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Tamara DuisenovaTamara DuisenovaMinister of Labor and Social Protection of Kazakhstan, Tamara Duisenova, making a speech at the briefing in Astana presented a new concept for the improvement of the country`s migration policy, reports.

The conception will consist of three sections, namely: external migration, internal migration and ethnic migration.

“As regard to external migration, it is planned to introduct the principle of free movement of employees of multinational corporations that invest capital in manufacture, agrocultural industry and geological exploration,” she said.

The minister said that in order to stimulate investment activity and ensure priority sectors of the economy with highly skilled experts the said companies will have the right of free (by notifying) attraction of their employees from branches in other countries without needing to obtain a work permit in Kazakhstan.

Mandatory requirements will be maintained and comply with the proportions while attracting Kazakh and foreign experts and non-discrimination in payment of the labor, according to the minister.

“It is planned to form an open market of the highly qualified experts (analogue to the Canadian, New Zealand and Singaporean experience) in Kazkahstan,” Duisenova said.

It is proposed to allow foreign employees arriving for self-employment in the republic (managers, engineers, scientists, researchers, and teachers) to perform labor activities out of the quota and without permission (in accordance with the certificate confirming high level of education or qualification), the minister said.

Earlier, the Kazakh government defined the list of priority sectors and professions in demand, as well as requirements that have been developed for the qualification and level of education of the migrants arriving in the country for self employment. Entry and employment of foreign workers will be allowed only in the case of their compliance with the requirements.

“Furthermore, it is planned to attract talented young people from neighboring countries with similar experiences of Singapore, Malaysia, the UK, and other developed countries,” Duisenova said.

Also it is proposed to introduce a system of grants in Kazakhstan for education of the talented foreign students from neighboring states in the leading universities of the country on a par with its citizens.

“The best of them after the completion of training will be given the opportunity to obtain a simplified temporary work permits for up to three or five years,” the minister said.

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