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MES refuted information about dam break in Almaty region; Amateur Video available

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According to the Almaty region’s DES it was the melting of glaciers.

The Emergency Department of Almaty region refuted the information about the dam failure in Talgar district, reports.

"We refute the information that earlier appeared in the media about the break of mud-controlling dam in Talgar, Almaty region" – the MES press officer said.

"There was a melting of glaciers, which led to water inflow. The speed of water intake is 40 cubic meters per second, which is the norm. It poses no hazard or threat" - he added.

An alarm-response force led by the deputy chairman of the Almaty region’s Emergency Department Mirat Kabylov arrived at the scene to assess the situation there.

According to the press service, no damage was caused to people or to the environment.

Meanwhile, at noon an entry was made in the social networks on dam failure, which in a couple of hours got lots of comments. There were also postings to refute this information.

July 18 2014, 11:00

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