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Kazakhstan waiting for an answer from the UN to join peacekeeping missions

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Kazakhstan is waiting for an answer from the UN Organizations to send its officers as observers to join UN peacekeeping missions, according to a source in the Foreign Ministry.

“The National Parliament has approved sending military observers to join four UN peacekeeping missions based in Western Sahara, Haiti, Cote d’Ivoire, Liberia. Respective applications have been submitted to the UN Secretariat. Kazakhstan’s officers might be sent to the mentioned destinations as soon as respective vacancies emerge”, the country’s Foreign Ministry answered

“Exact dates are not clear, as the actual sending depends on a number of factors, including decisions of the UN structures and those of the states participating in the missions in question”, the Foreign Ministry elaborated.

Back in March 2014 Kazakhstan’s Defense Ministry announced it was ready to send 20 Kazakhstan’s military observers to join UN peacekeeping missions.

The prospects vary from captains to colonels in terms of the title, have taken a special UN training and are fully knowledgeable of the guiding documents of the Organization with regards to peacekeeping efforts, have a good command of the English language, are capable to operate manual gear shift cars and military vehicles.

In line with the UN requirements, peacekeepers should be proficient users of English as the major task of peacekeepers is to collect data, analyze the situation, submit both written and oral reports on the situation.

Earlier the country’s Defense Ministry also said it was considering sending fighting forces as well. However, the decision of sending a fighting contingent of up to 150 people to join UN missions will be taken following participation of Kazakhstan’s peacekeepers in UN missions.

According to the Foreign Ministry, the Defense Ministry is drafting a law on peacekeeping operations to regulate sending of Kazakhstan’s peacekeeping contingent.

Late 2013 at a joint sitting of the two chambers , the Parliament supported suggestions made by President Nazarbayev to send Kazakhstan’s officers to join UN peacekeeping missions.

This initiative will help Kazakhstan to succeed in fielding its candidacy to the nonpermanent members of the UN Security Council in 2017-2018 and will enable Kazakhstan to share its experience of maintaining interfaith and interethnic peace and accord.

July 17 2014, 18:14

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