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Kite flyers competition - Wow, what a kite!

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By Anastassiya Pastoukhova

On July 6, at 6pm the sky over Issatai and Makhambet Square will blossom with bright colours: the city will celebrate the birthday of the capital city Astana with a festival of kites.

According to event organizers, it will be both the show and the competition for those who can make a kite with their own hands.

- The competition participants can present any kinds of kites: flat, curved, box-shaped, non-rigid, without carcass, etc. They can also present radio-controlled designs made of any kinds of materials, -say the organizers. – The main requirement: the hand-made design should be able to soar in the air not less than 5 minutes. The length of the line should be not more than 70 meters, the diameter - not less than 8 millimeters.

It is not allowed to use a rigid framework, cutting and pricking elements. Kites purchased in the shops and markets are not allowed to participate in the competition.

The main criteria for the assessment of the best kite will be vibrance, “flying” capability, controllability and maneuverability. The participants of the competition have to register with the events organizers 1 hour before the competition, i.e. at 5 pm. According to the organizers, all participants of the competition will receive special diplomas and prizes.

July 4 2014, 16:51

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