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Hotel in Aktau will host the biggest oceanarium in CIS

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A colossal project is being completed in Aktau – construction of a hotel inside a cliff.      There has never been such a hotel complex of this scale in Mangystau Oblast. The ‘ginger’ of the hotel will be an oceanarium. According to the management of Caspian Riviere Grand Palace it will be located at the ground floor. The hotel will have 11 floors, of which 7 will be caved in a sloped cliff.   
The lowest floor will accommodate several huge reservoirs with the total capacity of thousand cubic meters to home 3,500 ocean dwellers – tropical and exotic fishes. Another huge aquarium will be placed inside the floor. This one will be inhabited by the dwellers of the Caspian Sea – sturgeon, beluga, mullet, etc. The cost of the project is still kept secret. After opening of the oceanarium owners will make it accessible to townspeople and guests of the oblast.

August 23 2012, 20:19

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