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“Majilis endorses Caspian security treaty”, "Poroshenko Welcomes His First Grandchild on His Inauguration Day", “3,000-year-old jeans found in China", “Ukraine crisis: Fighting erupts in city of Mariupol”,

873 просмотрs “3,000-year-old jeans found in China suggest Justin Bieber may not have been a style-setter”Hipsters wanting the ultimate retro look, take note: Two pairs of trousers from China may be the earliest yet found. Their straight legs and wide crotches suggest that the invention of trousers was linked to the rise of horse riding. “Petro Poroshenko has become a grandfather on the day of his inauguration”-
Petro Poroshenko has become a grandfather on the day of his inauguration. Poroshenko said so himself at the reception in Mystetskiy Arsenal art center that followed the inauguration ceremony on June 7, Channel Five's anchor Tetiana Danylenko wrote on her Twitter. Majilis endorses Caspian security treaty - Kazakhstan’s lower chamber of the Parliament (Majilis) has approved the draft law "On ratification of the Agreement on Security Cooperation in the Caspian Sea", Tengrinewscorrespondent reported from the plenary session of the chamber.

Mare's milk-based infant food to be produced in Kazakhstan- Production of infant food from mare’s milk will start in Akmola Oblast in the nearest future, Tengrinews reports citing Yuri Sinyavsky of the Kazakh Academy of Nutrition. “As you may know, in terms of its content, mare’s milk is very close to breast milk. That is why the main goal is to develop a breast milk substitute,” Sinyavsky said. He added that the factory would produce ready to use infant food made from mare’s milk and dry mixtures that are not subject to strong thermization. “Ukraine crisis: Fighting erupts in city of Mariupol” - Government troops in eastern Ukraine have launched a dawn attack on separatist rebels in the port of Mariupol, with heavy fighting reported. Interior Minister Arseny Avakov said the security forces were successfully bringing separatist strongholds in the city "under control". Five pro-Russian rebels were reported killed and at least four government soldiers injured in the city.



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