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Police car chase through the streest of Atyrau

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By Murat Sultangaliev

Video recording of a pursuit during which several crews of traffic police try to stop Niva car in the streets of Atyrau have been sent by our reader.

Police officers at a high speed are chasing the traffic rules violator in the Niva car in the district of the city called “Kitkrai”. The violator ignored traffic lights and drove through a red light. Police cars tried to stop the Niva car and several times even blocked the roads, but to no avail.

The administrative police reported that this case took place on May 30. The police managed to stop the Niva car only near Bougorki village. The driver of the Niva car was 22-y.o. inhabitant of Almaly village (Makhambet District).

Police filed protocols of administrative violations according to RoK Administrative Code articles 463-6 part 1 (“Driving through a forbidden traffic light”), artilce 471 part 1 (“Failure to obey the requirements of police officers to stop vehicle”) and article  470 part 1 (“Driving the vehicle without driver's license”). The files have been sent to administrative court.

Do police officers have the right to organize pursuit within the boundaries of the city where public and other transport is present? We asked Talgat Mardenov, road patrol service department head. Here what he answered:

- In case a citizen violated the law or commuted a crime, police officers are obliged to stop his/her actions. With that, they have to take all due measures to ensure road safety. Our police officers acted within the limits of the law.

Video contains offensive language!

June 6 2014, 17:05

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