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Convoyed from Aktau to Atyrau

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On 15th August 11 Zhanaozen persons convicted for the organization of mass riots on December 16 - the Independence Day, were sent by prisoner transport from Aktau to Atyrau.
Ten men and a woman will be serving their sentence in the standard regime penal colony.
– The main article is #241 part 2 of Criminal Code of RoK - ‘Organization of mass riots,’ – says Didar RAKHIMBERDIEV, the Head of Criminal-Correctional System of Atyrau Oblast.
The prison sentences vary from 3 to 6 years. The convicted persons are mainly young under 30 years of age. The youngest one is 23 years old.
The only woman among the convicted, a well-known strike movement activist, 48-year old Roza TULETAYEVA was placed into a female colony. She was known for her definite stand on the question of civil rights before the riots and after December 16 she was given the role of an actual organizer of unrest in Zhanaozen. The former NGDU operator refused from the testimonies that she has given during the preliminary investigation, since they were given under the tortures, she said.
She was sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment, but from all the appeals lodged to the court, only hers was satisfied and her term was reduced down to 5 years.


August 23 2012, 20:16

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