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“Kazakhstan Sentences Jihadist Who Fought In Syria”, “Kremlin to decide on whether to congratulate Poroshenko", “Maidan’s camp remains in Kiev, protesters intend to monitor Poroshenko's work”, “Russia Wins Ice Hockey World Championship”, “Iranian Actress

1 209 просмотрs “Kazakhstan Sentences Jihadist Who Fought In Syria” - Acourt in Kazakhstan’s largest city, Almaty, has sentenced a man on charges of terrorism and appealing for jihad in Syria. Kamil Abdulin, 29, was sentenced to seven years in jail on May 27.

itar-tass. “Kremlin to decide on whether to congratulate Poroshenko after official election results”-Russian President Vladimir Putin will decide on whether to congratulate Ukraine’s future president Petro Poroshenko after the official results of the elctions are announced, presidential aide Yuri Ushakov said on Wednesday.

“Maidan’s camp remains in Kiev, protesters intend to monitor Poroshenko's work” - Earlier Vitali Klitschko who won Kiev mayor elections said that the protesters in the square would be asked to dismantle the barricades and leave. Tent camp in the center of Kiev's Independence Square will remain. The protesters explained it by their intention to look at Poroshenko's work who according to the latest data won the presidential elections in Ukraine.

“Russian high-ranking officials on their way to Abkhazia amid state coup attempt” - The Abkhazian parliament, which has gathered for an extraordinary session, is drafting an address to the nation. Russia’s presidential aide Vladislav Surkov and Deputy Secretary of Russia’s Security Council Rashid Nurgaliyev are expected to arrive in Abkhazia in the afternoon, according to Abkhazia’s Security Council secretary Nugzar Ashuba. “Russia Wins Ice Hockey World Championship” - Russia has won the final of the ice hockey world championship, beating Finland 5-2 in Minsk on May 25. It was Russia's fifth gold medal since the 1991 breakup of the Soviet Union. With the victory, Russia avenged a loss to Finland in the quarterfinals in the Sochi Olympics.“Iranian Actress Apologizes For Kiss At Cannes Film Festival” - Iranian actress Leila Hatami has apologized for kissing the Cannes Film Festival president on the cheek -- an act which angered authorities in Tehran. “2014 Cannes Film Festival: Who Was the Best and Worst Dressed?” - In case you hadn’t heard, the 67th annual Cannes Film Festival just hit France, and Hollywood returned the call by stepping out in chic designer ensembles. 

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