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Ex-Governor's brother-in-law contacted AkZhaik editorial office

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After the publication of our article «Ex-Governor's brother-in-law arrested in Geneva”, our editorial office was first contacted by the friends of Bergei Ryskaliyev, who claimed that Rustem Albakassov is not in custody.
We reminded them, that prior to our publication, we approached them with the request to confirm or disprove the information that we received about the arrest, but the answer hasn't followed. Therefore, only the main hero of the article can disprove the facts in the article,  if he is not in custody. 
And soon Rustem Albakassov himself contacted our office and during our short correspondence we asked him to send us his photo and his statement. The statement is published here below. And, certainly, we bring our appologies to him and all our Ak Zhaik readers. At the same time we do not consider his accusations addressed to us as serious ones and simply attribute them to emotions and suspiciousness of the person who is compelled to hide during a long period of time. In order to judge our objectivity, it would, probably, be worthwhile to refresh in the memory and read once again our article “Berik Zhankeev: «I am hiding not because I am guilty» and a number of other articles, including the series of articles covering the court procedings.  
Ak Zhaik Editors
Rustem Albakassov's statement: 
"In reply to the article published in Ak Zhaik newspaper dated May 14, 2014 “Ex-Governor’s brother-in-law arrested in Geneva” I would like to give clarifications.

Nobody arrested me. I have nothing to do in Geneva and nothing connects me with that city. Thanks God, I am alive and healthy and this article is an absolute absurd. The purpose of the article is different. They are trying once again to remind me about my relatives - the Ryskaliev brothers, to tar their reputation and keep the topic afloat. All this is done with the purpose and once gain the investigation is trying to demonstrate that they are up to something, although the public lost interest to this topic long time ago and everybody knows that this a framed-up case and politicized."   

May 15 2014, 22:35

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