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Infectious Poultry

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By Ainur Saparova

Sanitary examination of poultry imported from Russian and Belarussian producers, i.e. Prioskolye JSC, Maykopsky poultry plant, Kursk Agroholding JSC, Ural Business JSC, Smolevichi Broiler JSC - revealed bacteria causing salmonellosis.

In this regard the RoK Chief State Medical Officer issued a ruling “On Introduction of Temporary Sanitary Measures for Poultry Sale”, forbidding to import and sell the products of these companies on the territory of Kazakhstan.

According to the chief specialist of the local government agency on protection of the consumers’ rights Elvira Omasheva, prior to the ban the poultry from some of the above-mentioned producers have been already imported to Atyrau. Therefore, health officers call the consumers for vigilance.

April 17 2014, 10:52

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