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Today Kazakhstan celebrates the national Day of Lovers

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By Anastasiya Pastoukhova

Фото: oskemen.infoФото: oskemen.infoToday, April 15, Kazakhstan celebrates the national Day of Lovers - Ұлттық ғашықтар күні (Oulttyk gashiktar kouni).

Kazakhstan started to celebrate this holiday in 2011, when the Department of Youth Policy of Almaty city approved in their calendar a new date - an alternative to the international St. Valentine's Day marked in February. The Department also circulated letters to the Kazakhstan school administrations where it proposed to mark the day of lovers on April 15.

In our country this day is celebrated in honour of Kozy Korpesh and Bayan Slou – the heroes of the Kazakh epos of the 13th -14th centuries about tragic, beautiful love and death of the young man Kozy Korpesh and his beloved Bayan Slou.

April 15 2014, 15:08

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